8:30 AM  - CHAPEL

Please email for more information on upcoming opportunities to join.

next step3As you progress with your journey of faith, you will consider joining this community with a more formal commitment. The Next Step classes are a short series of classes with Pastor Steve Harrington. These classes will inform you of the history and vision of FPCL.

Perhaps you’ve been coming to our church for a while and are feeling like this is becoming a place of home for you in your spiritual journey. We hope so. And if so we want to invite you to a class we’re calling The Next Step. It’s a 2-week gathering that will meet on a Sunday from 9:00 AM to around 9:40 AM (child care will be provided). During that time, we will look at some basic aspects of our faith, think together about being a community of Christ, and answer questions you may have about our church. No RSVP is necessary, however if you would like to let the office know, ( would be helpful.


Whether you are new to FPCL, a new believer in Jesus Christ or His long-time follower, we’d like to invite you to a casual interactive event with Pastor Steve Wilde. During this gathering, you will learn about our church, how to get connected and opportunities to serve. 

It’s a chance to learn more about our church, our educational programs, fellowship, worship, and service opportunities. We’ll share with you how decisions are made, the history of this faith community and of the Presbyterian Church around the world, and we’ll talk about matters of faith and spirituality.

Our church believes that the substance of life is reflected in the commitments we make. Joining FPCL[or any other church] is not about changing how God views you, but intentionally saying something about how you view God and making a committment to being a part of a church community.

> Who is this Jesus person and what does it mean to follow Him?

> Why would I want to join a church in general,and this church in particular?

> Does the church care about my money more than it cares for me?

> What do Presbyterians believe?

> Do I have to join the church in order to be in involved?

> Would you like to know how we are involved in mission here and abroad?

> Do you need a tour of the building?