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memorial serviceslWe encourage, when possible, planning funeral arrangements before the death of a loved one because emotional stress makes wise decisions more difficult. However, this is not always possible.

Our pastors are available to perform a Christian funeral or memorial service in our sanctuary, chapel, at the gravesite or in the funeral home. First Presbyterian offers its historic chapel built in 1874, on the corner of 4th and K Streets, with seating for up to 96 guests. For larger gatherings of loved ones and friends, the sanctuary on the corner of 4th and L Streets seats 450. Both worship spaces have beautiful stained glass windows and pianos. The sanctuary also features a pipe organ. Planning arrangements are easily coordinated with the pastor and the funeral home director(s) in setting a date, time and location of the service.

Our pastors can provide counseling and planning for the service to remember your loved one. He/She will lead the worship service, answer your questions or make suggestions concerning:

Scripture, prayers
Worship bulletin
Hymns and special music
Availability of organist, pianist and soloists
Viewing of the casket
Fraternal, civic or military rites

We will also provide:

A sexton to assist with set-up of the sanctuary/chapel. He/She will help you with church protocol to make the service run as smoothly as possible.

An organist/pianist to consult regarding your musical selections and to play at the service. In order to maintain the dignity and orderliness of the service, the organist will have final approval of all music performed. The church does not permit taped or amplified music or audio-visual presentations during the worship service.

A soloist, upon request. Outside soloists are welcome also.

(Separate fee schedule available. Contact the church office at 925 447-2078.)


Receptions may be held in Fellowship Hall, across the courtyard from the sanctuary and chapel. Members of our Board of Deacons will provide and serve cookies and coffee, tea and juice. If any other food is desired, it must be provided by the family and the deacons will serve it. Audio-visual presentations and recorded music may be included during your reception in Fellowship Hall.

Memorial Fund

One way to let those who have lost a loved one know that their bereavement is felt and their sorrow is shared is by making a donation to the Memorial Fund of First Presbyterian Church. See more details here.



You may make a donation now, one-time or recurring, through PayPal using your PayPal account or credit card. No need to register on PayPal - choose to be a guest! MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and most bank cards are accepted.

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