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Wednesday Night Live Offering: What Are We Doing in God's World?


May 31 st - 6:40 - 8:30 Fellowship Hall

This week we will hear from two of the missions that our church supports:
Donaldina Cameron House, a comprehensive family service organization that serves the needs of over 1,000 low-income and immigrant Asian youth and families in San Francisco and the Culinary Angels who provide delicious, nutritious meals for patients receiving chemotherapy and undergoing treatment for cancer.
Join us to hear about the valuable contributions of these organizations.

On June 7th, we will begin a new, periodic, film series "… The Film from Our Eyes"

This series will be using the medium of movies to look at issues of social justice and contemporary concern. Our hope is that through these pieces of cinema and our reflections upon them we can begin to "clear the film from our eyes." Our newly re-formed Middle East Concerns group will be screening 5 Broken Cameras, a Sundance film award recipient about the struggles of the Palestinian people.

June 7th at 7:00 PM in Fellowship Hall with people gathering at 6:45 PM.

Join us as we seek to “clear the film from our eyes” and see more clearly the challenges facing the Palestinian people.