Life Groups

Would you like to get involved and connected at church with a small group of friends who meet outside of events already scheduled at church? It’s a wonderful way to meet more families within the church and make long-lasting connections. Email if you would like more information on any current events.

The Fellow-Ship (Pleasanton) - Bart and Barbara Costerus are the contacts at  They meet on the 4th Saturday of the month (but subject to  flexibility as needed for particular events).

Mariners Groups

“Ships” comprised of couples and single persons meet in the homes of members or at the church for Christian fellowship through study, social activities and service projects. For information on joining existing ships, please contact the church office at 447-2078.

Clipper Club -  All retired, 70s and up, couples and lots of singles. Meets 4th Thursday at noon, at the church.

Marco Polo - 30s through 60s. Meet on Saturdays, mid to end of month, couples. Group often meet in homes.
Their service to the church:  Greening of sanctuary for Advent

Minnow Ship - 30s to 50s. Couples plus 4 singles. New people welcome. Meets monthly, usually on Saturday. Alternate family activity with adult-only activity the next month. Progressive dinner, movie, camping, etc.  They plan in January for whole year.

Old Ironsides - 60s to 90s, many singles.  3rd Friday evening.

Top Gallant - 60s.  Some retired. One Saturday a month at homes. Open to new couples in 60s.

Nautilus - 60s to 80s.  Most retired.  First Saturday of month, outings or at church.  Group slowing down, glad for new people, singles or couples.