Steve Wilde - Pastor

Steve joined our church in 2009 as our Head of Staff, eager to become a part of FPCL's great legacy of ministry. Steve brings with him an enthusiasm and desire to make real the incredible love of God that we encounter in Jesus.

It is a love that liberates us as it compels us to live lives that make a difference in our church, our community and in our world. Recently, Steve earned his Doctorate and is continuing to seek to discover and discern how the church is being called to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Steve and his wife Jen have three boys and when Steve is not at church or in a local coffee shop, he can be found on a soccer field or baseball diamond near you!  Email Steve

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Steve Harrington - Pastor

Steve grew up in Presbyterian churches all along the east coast. After graduating from college in Maryland, and seminary in Massachusetts, he went to serve as the solo pastor of a church in Glenwood, Florida. Glenwood was a rural community with no stoplights, stores or other churches: Steve was the pastor to the whole village including a home for developmentally disabled residents.

He has extensive experience with adult ministry; congregational communication and fellowship; pastoral care; teaching and spiritual development; training volunteers, including Stephen’s Ministers and Deacons; development of new educational experience, community service, and of course, preaching. 

Steve and Nancy (who is a Presbyterian pastor serving the Evergreen church in south San Jose) have three kids: Alison (who is also a Presbyterian pastor!), Matthew, and Jennifer. They have five grandkids and a pound-hound named Molly. Nancy would want you to know she has an Arabian horse named Bear! Email Steve


Brie Johnson, Director of Children & Youth Ministry

Brie has a passion for serving the church in many ways and is excited to be ministering to the children here at FPCL. Her desire is to help children grow in their faith and give them space to ask questions and explore what it means to be a child of God. She strongly believes helping children grow in their faith begins in the home, and desires to walk alongside families on this journey of faith.

Brie and her husband Nate were married in 2010 and are currently living in Walnut Creek. Their son, Rowan was born in 2014. Brie is all about relational ministry, so would love to get to know you over a cup of coffee.  Email Brie


Jane Ackley, Director of Church Operations

Jane joined staff in 2013. As Director of Church Operations, she is responsible for day to day office/facility operations, website and publication implementation. Jane & husband Don have two daughters, who all enjoy getting together for family gatherings (both here and in the UK), enjoys going to hockey games, travelling, hiking & music. If her door is open (which it usually is!) she welcomes people stopping by just to say Hi or with any questions they may have  Email Jane   


Janet Holmes, Director of Music

Janet Holmes has been the organist at the church since 1989. She began piano studies at the age of 9, and organ work at the age of 15, studying with Dr. Thomas Stroud. Ms. Holmes has been a church organist and soloist since that time in a number of churches and denominations. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California in 1980 beginning as a piano major and finishing in vocal performance with Dr. Michael Sells and Dr. Thomas Cleveland.

Janet currently teaches voice and piano at Ohlone College in Fremont, and has been a staff accompanist at the college since 1985. She has also been the vocal director for their summer musical production of Summerfest for the past 7 years. Ms. Holmes is a member of the Berkeley Piano Club, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and maintains her own studio in vocal studies in San Ramon and Livermore.  Email Janet

Denia Segrest - Pastoral Support

Denia joined the FPCL staff through the remainder of the year to help support the pastoral care needs of the congregation. Denia can be found in the office all day Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Email Denia 

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Kim Salch - Coordinator of Connections 

Kim joined our church in June 2015 as Coordinator of Connection Ministries. She is a graduate of Baylor University and has a Masters in Teaching and Leadership from St. Xavier University, Chicago. She has passion for the people of this community of faith and the friendships created within this community. Her desire is to help individuals strengthen their relationships with one another and provide opportunities to enhance their relationship with Christ.
Kim and her husband, Clayton, are Texans enjoying life in California. They have one daughter, AJ living in Georgia for grad school. Kim can be found walking the footpaths around town, crafting or painting, or having a cup of coffee with friends.  Email Kim  


Michele O'Hair - Project Support  Coordinator

Michele was delighted to join the office staff in the summer of 2002 and enjoys the Christian environment and busy pace. With a degree in Health Information Technology, prior to working at FPCL, Michele worked in hospital settings and has served on the board of directors of several non profit organizations. Michele loves spending time with her family, community service, travel, and quilting.  Michele’s duties as Project Support Coordinator include maintaining the data base, newsletter and supporting numerous projects such as Faith Formation, N2N and Outdoor Adventures. Email Michele   

Operations Support Coordinator Position

On Tuesdays, Danielle Hayes willl be working in the front office and on Thursdays, Jen Wilde will work in the office. Both days the hours will be 9:00 - 3:00 pm. Email the front desk 


Danielle Hayes - Accounting Specialist

Email Danielle 

Jen Wilde - Program Support Coordinator Children and Student Ministry

Jen joined the FPCL staff in April. In her role Jen supports the children and youth ministry and works directly with children & youth director, Brie Johnson. Email Jen 


Cathryn Griggs -Bell Choir Director

Email Cathy