SUNDAY'S: 8:30 am, Chapel & 10:00 am, Sanctuary

FPCL offers its historic chapel built in 1874 on the corner of 4th and K Streets invites you to our 8:30 worship on Sundays.

mack wMack Window

In the Chapel vestibule, we find the Mack Window, bearing the plaque, "In Loving Memory of Dr. Clifford W. Mack." Presented by Mrs. C. W. Mack and Family. It was installed in 1949. In the upper section , the emlem is a cross, and in the lower section a medical caduceus. Dr. Mack, who died in 1948, was for many years on the staff of the Livermore Sanitarium, a trustee of the Livermore Union High School, and an active member of the Board of Trustees of the church. 

endeavor wChristian Endeavor Window

Stepping into the chapel, the first window on the left is the Christian Endeavor Window. It was a gift by the Christian Endeavor Society in 1917. It bears the "CE" emblem, and carries a plaque "Presented by the Christian Endeavor Society." The young people of the church worked hard to earn the necessary $75.00 for this window. Christian Endeavor officers spoke at the unveiling and dedication program, held April 29, 1917. 

billymac wBilly Mac Window

The next window, the Billy Mac Window, was also installed in 1917. It carries the emblem of a crown with cross, and bears the plaque :In Memory of William McDonald by his friends." McDonald, known fondly by his friends as "Billy Mac", was very patriotic, well known to everybody in the valley He taught in the May School for years; was on the County Board of Education; was an auctioneer, and was always the orator for the Livermore Fourth of July celebrations, horse show parades, etc. He died on November 16, 1916.  

Clifford Windowclifford w

The window on the north wall, closest to the pulpit, is the "Clifford Family Memorial Window." It has the Dove of Peace emblem and it was installed about 1915. Reverend William J. Clifford served the church from 1910 to 1918. We have more respect for this $50.00 window when we learn that the Clifford family income at this time was $83.50 a month. 

Aunt Mary Windowauntmary w

Continuing clock-wise around to the south wall we find the "Aunt Mary" Window. It has an emblem of Christ and bears the plaque, "In memory of Mary Harlan Smith - Aunt Mary." It was presented at Christmas, 1927. Aunt Mary, as she was lovingly known to all, was the youngest member of the Harlan family that came west by wagon train in 1846. The Smith family had come to the Livermore area in 1867. Miss Emma Smith, who was Mary's daughter, taught grammar school and was at the same time, secretay of the church Sunday School. The Smiths, mother and daughter, lived in a little house on L street which the church later purchased. 

anthony wAnthony Window

The next window bears the plaque, "In Memory of the Anthonys." It has an emblem of a cross on top of a mountain. It was presented at Christmas, 1927. Rev. Charles W. Anthony, was the second pastor of our church from June 1873 to September 1879. His brother, Frederick, was one of the first nine church members and was elected one of the first Trustees. Mr. Anthony's wife was the first adults baptized in our church. She taught Sunday School for many years. 

egwente wE. G. Wente Window

The next window bears the plaque, "Gift of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Wente." It was presented at Christmas, 1927. Its emblem was selected as a fitting symbol of our Valley. It is a standing sheaf of grain with bunches of grapes drooping down the sides. At that time, hay, grain and grapes were the Valley's chief products. Ernest G. Wente was in the warehouse business and the Wente family were viticulturists. 

geotubb w

Geo F. Tubbs Window

The last window bears the plaque, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Tubbs." It was presented at Christmas, 1927. Its emblem is an anchor with the word 'Hope' written on a bar through the center of the anchor. Frieda Wente Tubbs recalls, "Having been in the Navy during World War I, George said, with his usual keen sense of humor, that every sailor needed an anchor."