SUNDAY'S: 8:30 am, Chapel & 10:00 am, Sanctuary

The elegance and majesty of our wood-paneled sanctuary, at the corner of 4th and L Streets, and seats 450 guests. 

sanctuaryThis facility is also used for community musical events. Our sound system in the sanctuary permits those among us with hearing aids with a T-coil (telephone) switch to tune-in more clearly on what's being said. All that's needed is the simple flip of the switch. On Sundays head phones are also available in the narthex for those who don't have such hearing aids or any hearing aid at all. Please see an usher for further information or to request an earphone unit.

Faceted-glass Windows in the Sanctuary

These windows are the product of an interesting and stimulating relationship between the Cummings Studio of San Francisco and the 1964 Building Committee of First Presbyterian Church, Livermore. Out of the committee's study of the four gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - and through several conversational exchanges there developed a consensus of meaning and design. The result is an attempt to help the viewer feel about Jesus what each writer felt about him.

The faceted-glass process is one in which both glass and concrete have an important aesthetic role. The chunks of glass are chipped by hand to reflect the appropriate light. The concrete which holds them is also shaped so that it becomes an integral part of the design. In the history of stained glass, the only broadly important technical breakthrough since Medieval times came with the development of faceted glass.