Sunday Worship: 8:30am Chapel | 10:00am Sanctuary

Annual Congregational Meeting: Sunday, January 26, 2020

View 2019  Annual Report Here


10:00 Welcome and Worship

10:45 Connecting with One Another 

10:50 Reconvene with Hymn Requests

 Financial Report for 2019

Presentation of the 2020 Budget

Update the FPCL Bylaws:

  • Name change from Endowment Fund to Christian heritage Fund
  • Reduce the minimum number of elders by 2 and of deacons by 2

Officer Nomination:

  • Approve nomination of Susan Frey as a Deacon for Memorial Receptions Class of 2023

 Action on Pastoral Terms of Call

Closing Hymn

11:30 Adjournment and closing prayer