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What is The Freedom Campaign?
It is a Faithful call to our Members to pay off the Church's Mortgage debt. 

Do you create a family budget and wonder how to make it balance?
Do you often think, if only we did not have to make the house payment or the car payment how much easier our family budget would be, and how much more money we would have to work with?

Our church is somewhat the same; we have a budget based on our giving. Each year we must balance our budget to pay salaries, maintenance, utilities, insurance, custodial, our mortgage, and also fulfill our mission efforts. The monthly mortgage payment is several thousand dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice if we did not have to make that payment? We could use the money to expand living out God’s Word through things such as mission work, youth activities, as well as so much more! Donations to the Freedom Campaign are applied directly to the principal balance of the loan. These direct donations save us large amounts of interest over the life of the loan. A payment such as $10,000 would save the church approximately $5,000 in interest expense, while reducing the final balance. Please prayerfully consider helping our church family pay the mortgage. Pledge cards are in the office and can be filled out and returned in the Sunday offering plate or the office.

There are many other ways to give such as:

Monthly Pledges

Thank you for you prayerful consideration.

Do you need a tax break?

The end of the year is coming fast and taxes will be due soon. Remember our church's mortgage debt that gave us such a great campus through renovation? The sooner we can pay it off, the more we can expand our mission outreach. Please consider a donation this year to reduce your taxes for the tax year you donate. Any donations toward the Freedom Campaign go directly to reduce the principal. Thank you for your help.