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Men's Meditation Group

Thursdays at 6:00 - 7:30 pm
This group meets in Room F5 (Fifth Street meeting Room)

Contact Dick Baxter through the FPCL church office at 925-447-2078 for more information.

What is meditation?

Briefly, meditation can be thought of as learning to steady our attention, to focus uncritically, to sit quietly and concentrate. For thousands of years, members of almost all cultures have sought inner peace and harmony through one form or another of meditation. Generally, meditation has been associated with religious doctrines and disciplines as a means of becoming one with God or the universe, finding enlightenment, achieving selflessness, and other virtues.

The focusing of attention on the breath is perhaps the most universal of the many hundreds of meditation subjects used worldwide. Steadying attention on the movement of the life-breath is central to yoga, to Buddhist and Hindu practices, to Sufi, Christian, and Jewish traditions. Breathing meditation can quiet the mind, open the body, and develop a great power of concentration. The breath is available to us at any time of day and in any circumstance. When we have learned to use it, the breath becomes a support for awareness throughout our life. Breathing meditation can also serve as a foundation for many other meditation techniques.

The meditation groups meet to share fellowship and explore meditation as a part of our spiritual lives. Visitors are welcome to drop in.

We typically share about a 30-minute meditation session. The emphasis is on mindful breathing, usually followed by guided meditations based on Christian images. We try various approaches.

Often the sessions include "checking in" with each other to see how the week has gone, sharing an inspirational reading, or discussing how our personal meditation practice is going. From time-to-time, visitors from other religious or philosophical traditions join us to share their meditation approaches. We typically close with prayer.

Some of us have participated in Buddhist meditation retreats in the Bay area and others have walked the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco (a meditative experience). Check out the FPC labyrinth.

We have introductory sessions from time to time. Look for an announcement in the Parishscope newsletters, check with the office or on this web site.