Sunday Worship: 8:30am Chapel | 10:00am Sanctuary


Why join a life group?

TOGETHER:  with friends and neighbors you can grow your connection to God through this spiritual journey

TOGETHER: enables us to get to know each other better and helps us understand how we belong

TOGETHER:  for fellowship, love and support experiencing the Word as we strengthen our relationships

 TOGETHER: working to understand the scriptures and how they relate to our daily lives while moving forward on our journey through Christ

  • Groups of 8 - 12 meet weekly to discuss the study of a book from the Bible or a book they have chosen to read, understand and discuss with each other.

  • Studies are in four to six week increments with a small break in-between.

  • Groups gather to look over a variety of material in order to choose the next study. Each group may do different studies at any one time.

Check here for current life group schedules.

Please share a bit about yourself so that we can find a group that may interest you. Kim will contact you or you can contact Kim directly, 

If you are "trading places" with your mom & dad in their late years or caring for an aging spouse or family member.)