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For Requests over $250.00

Requests for Mission funding for amounts greater than $250.00 require the applicants to read this informational letter and our Mission Ministry Funds Request Criteria.
Applicants must submit and sign our Mission Ministry Funds Request form. LINK FORM ONCE IT IS REBUILT IN THIS SITE
Requests of this size require a majority approval vote at a regularly scheduled Mission committee meeting. These meetings currently take place on the first Tuesday of each month.
Request forms must be submitted to a committee Elder (currently Ron Bernhardt or Ann Meiers) - no later than the 15th of the month – in order to have the request brought before the committee at the next regular meeting.
The committee will not necessarily make a final decision regarding the request during the first meeting at which it is presented.

The  form is available here if you wish to fill it out now. LINK TO FORM ONCE IT IS REBUILT

Thank you for putting your faith in action!

Ron Bernhardt (Mission Elder) Steve Wilde (Senior Pastor)